TransUnion Under Fire for Frauding Consumers


    If a credit company offers suggestions or tells people they need to know information prior to giving out credit information, the majority of people believe that it's a security feature and will hand the information to them. For TransUnion the opposite is true, which seems to be ideal, but, as per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), this isn't always the case.

    Despite warnings previously issued by the CFPB, TransUnion has continued permitting deceptive services, as well as “dark patterns” or hidden methods to convince customers to sign up for services. These services are becoming more costly in terms of services, products, as well as subscriptions. They are also difficult to cancel, according to the law.

    One of their most well-known actions involves a consumer who wants to obtain a free credit report, which they are entitled to each calendar year. When they request the report from TransUnion, they will be asked to enter a credit-card number that appeared as a way to verify their accounts. Instead, it had those who signed up for a monthly fee that offered no specific benefit or service.

    CFPB has taken the initiative to make their case public and named the former TransUnion Director John Danaher for his inaction. They usually do not want to do so, but with his recent resignation and refusal to comply with an order issued in 2017, the agency is left with no option. This decision was one that Danaher said could have slashed the company's revenue of $3 billion. It doesn't matter where the revenue was derived from.

    As per CFPB “Danaher was legally bound by the order of 2017 however, he failed repeatedly to make sure that TransUnion did the necessary steps and avoided the prohibited conduct. Danaher decided that complying with the order would hurt TransUnion's revenues, which is why he devised an action plan to defer or not have to comply with the ruling.” This type of order isn't something an organization can simply ignore because they have the oversight position. There isn't any way to conceal this lawsuit or the earlier ruling.

    What TransUnion did not disclose was the fact that consumers were buying a product through their cc details. The images were displayed in low contrast, and with fine print on the back of the enrollment form, the images could take approximately 30 seconds longer to load than the information that was displayed. Due to this ploy, the CFPB received hundreds of complaints.

    The 2017 decision included TransUnion accepting to pay $13.9 million to the victims. They also agreed to pay an additional $3 million of civil penalties for the allegations against the company and its multiple affiliates that cheated people. It is also necessary to alter the manner in which they promote the service. Customers would have to give their informed consent before they can pay recurring amounts, and be given the option to cancel their subscription at any time.

    In reality, TransUnion was still playing the same games up till June 2020. This infraction of the law and these agreements amounts to just spitting onto the faces of hard working Americans all over the world. Danaher and the other employees of TransUnion were aware of what they were up to. The claims of losing profits are accurate; however, the price of conducting fraudulent business is being discovered. With the financial challenges that financially incompetent people face and the consequences of these practices, they can make it more difficult for them to get a step ahead. They are in need of this opportunity to get their lives back on track. 

    However, Danaher and TransUnion did not see anyone in need of assistance. The two saw someone who was a fool, and somebody who they could easily exploit to make cash. This isn't a strategy that a credit agency should be taking, while being permitted to collect consumer credit information. They have proved precisely why they are an extremely risky company and should be removed, as well as any records with derogatory content that they keep. Similar to the accusations that those who were cheated were trying to get taken away.


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