Trump-Backed Candidates Defeated in Georgia


    Collins's race against the former State Rep. Vernon Jones was declared in the Associated Press within about an hour of the polls closing. The unofficial results at the time of writing show Collins winning over Jones by more than 50 percent.

    McCormick's contest against Evans, an attorney who specializes in the field of election law, was a bit closer, but it was still a definitive race as of the date of publication that showed McCormick leading by over 30 percent.

    Trump has invested heavily in the primary elections of Georgia in his bid to challenge Governor. Brian Kemp and other Republican incumbents. Trump, the ex-president, has repeatedly targeted Georgia's 2020 presidential election.

    Jones was originally running for governor, but he decided to drop out of the race after Trump's request to open the door for Kemp's rival, who lost to Kemp on the day of the primary.

    Jones was then the first to enter an election against Collins of Georgia's Tenth Congressional District which is a rural district located in the northeast region of Georgia where Trump is well-liked and gained Trump's support immediately following the election.

    However, while his endorsement has performed so far well for candidates in many states, it did not work in Georgia. Of the eight candidates who were not incumbents, Trump decided to endorse six of them, who were then defeated by wide margins.

    Collins, who was a trucking business owner, was the early contender for the Tenth District race as he began to gain momentum at the time that convoys of truckers in Canada and later within the U.S., were capturing national attention when they fought to be free of coronavirus regulations by their governments.

    The two candidates, Collins along with McCormick, despite not being Trump-endorsed candidates, enthusiastically embraced Trump's America First policies as they ran for office.

    McCormick, a former military pilot and physician running in the Sixth District, mentioned Trump in his victory speech Tuesday night, saying, “I expect Donald Trump to call us because we're gonna be friends together, and we're gonna move forward together because that's what the party is about,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Collins and McCormick are both highly favored to be victorious in their general elections in November since both their districts are overwhelmingly red.


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