Trump-Era Security Official Suggests That the US Deploy Ballistic Missile Submarines to Determine if Putin Is Really Bluffing


    Russian leaders love to tell lies that make them appear invincible. To make others take them more seriously, they will tell stories about their fake enemies. Retired U.S. Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg stated that the United States must stand up against Russian President Vladimir Putin's threats of using nuclear weapons in war.

    Kellogg believes that America should put all its nuclear-missile submarines into service, then watch and see what Putin does. He suspects Putin is lying and that sending all of the US nuclear-capable submarines out to sea will prove that Putin is not being honest.

    Newsbreak reported that the US has 14 ballistic missile submarines and 20 long-range missile submarines.

    On Monday, Kellogg proposed what he claimed to be a creative solution to Russia's invasion in Ukraine. He suggested activating the entire US fleet of nuclear-missile submarines to find out if President Putin is lying about his nuclear threats.

    Kellogg stated that only half of these subs are on patrol at any one time. He would like to see what would happen if the US put all of them in the sea. This would force Putin's hand, demonstrating whether or not he intends to attack with nuclear weapons.

    Kellogg's idea has a problem. President Joe Biden is simply too weak to take such an action. By supporting the Russian pipeline throughout Europe, the president has already shown favoritism towards Putin. Biden has already proved that he won't stand up to Putin, as he lacks the endurance to continue war efforts.

    Kellogg stated, “Flush all the fleet, get every boomer at sea, then we can crew them, and put them out there. And you say, ’Look, we are not going to back down from a nuclear concern you've got.’ You know, go all-in, bluff, you know, let's just see if he is lying or not.”

    Putin blames the West for the war. He believes Russia must go to war in order to survive as an independent nation. His actions in Ukraine have had devastating consequences all over the world.

    Kellogg was referring to 20 long-range missiles capable of hitting Russia from far away. Biden must call the bluff, or other countries will use the same tactic.

    Biden and the Democrats love to play games, without having a plan for winning. Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan is a clear example of his inability to think clearly during wartime. Biden cannot think during peacetime, so it is impossible to believe that he could engage with someone intellectually and win.

    So far, the president has been playing games with Putin. He has not shown any muscle to indicate that America is prepared for war with Putin. NATO's attempts to support Ukraine have failed. The people are the only ones who can defeat tyranny.

    Putin has used weapons against civilians who should not have been targets. To eliminate the resistance in Ukraine, he is considering chemical weapons. He knows that there is no nation capable of stopping him from using nuclear weapons to win the war.

    Kellogg's plan would provide answers to many questions about the war and Putin’s thinking. Biden isn't the right man for the job. He is not the right commander to lead at a level that involves weapons of mass destruction.


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