Trump Holds Lead in Hypothetical 2024 Primary


    Former president Donald Trump maintains a double-digit lead in a 2024 Republican primary, according to an earlier Zogby Analytics survey.

    The poll found Trump ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), in the hypothetical primary by a double-digit margin, 48 percent to 27 percent. The poll also revealed that DeSantis's popularity has grown exponentially since the beginning of May 2022, when he received 12 percent of the vote.

    “Trump is the top choice among all surveyed demographics, which includes all regions, but particularly the South (52 percent) urban voters (53 percent) younger voters 18-29 (58 percent), female voters (49 percent), Non-college educated voters (53 percent), Hispanic voters (58 percent) Generation Z (62 percent), Millennial (56%) and Generation X voters (60 %),” the survey discovered that DeSantis had an advantage of two points for independent voters.

    Former vice president Mike Pence placed third with 8 percent support. The rest of potential candidates got less than five percent .

    But, when Trump is not in the picture, DeSantis takes the strong double-digit lead, with 48 percent of the vote and is followed by Pence with 21 percent.

    The poll was conducted between November 9 and 11, 2022 from 864 potential GOP Primary voters.

    Even though the poll shows DeSantis leading in a scenario where Trump is not present, that scenario is not likely due to the fact that Trump officially announced his 2024 presidential bid this month.

    In his announcement, Trump described the years under Biden as an “time of pain, hardship, anxiety, and despair” as Americans have to contend with rising costs and the surge of illegal immigrants.


    “We are here tonight to declare it does not have to be this way,” Trump stated. “Two years ago we were a great nation and soon we will be a great nation again.”

    “The decline that is forced on the American people from Biden and the extremist left lunatics is leading us straight into the dirt. This isn't something we can accept as a fact. If we are given the chance to make a choice, in a bold and clear manner, I believe that the American populace will oppose the path of left-wing ruining the nation and support our vision of the glory and grandeur of our nation,” he added.

    In contrast, DeSantis has not shown any immediate indications of running for office in 2024, however, the fact that he hasn't vehemently denied the possibility has provoked anger from Trump who has accused him of “playing games.” However, DeSantis has dismissed worries regarding the possibility of a “civil war” between the two of them, refusing to reply in any way to Trump and instead, he told reporters who asked questions about it to “people just need to chill out.”


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