Trump isn’t just a political figure He’s a Cultural Leader


    Donald Trump is a very unique person to a lot of us.

    Turning Point USA hosted the Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida. The attendees proved that they adored Donald Trump.

    They wore shirts and pins that had Trump's picture or name on the front. It is absurd to think that he's still the president.

    This kind of loyalty has not been witnessed by any politician throughout history. When a new set of scrutiny on their decisions are applied and your memories begin to fade.

    Trump is getting more and more popular each year. Ron DeSantis is his only opponent. An SAS straw poll revealed it that DeSantis had a lead over Trump by a substantial percentage for a possible presidential contest.

    After SAS it became clear in my mind that Trump was more than just a popular politician. Trump was a living and talking culture.

    We've all forgotten about Trump as the only person to be in the spotlight. Let's examine Trump society from another perspective. The principal character is closely followed by third- and second-tier characters.

    Donald Trump Jr., for example is a character who is secondary within Trump Culture. Trump Jr. is a well-known person. He tweets anything on the internet to invite all of the world to join in the fight.

    Trump isn't just an heir to his family's cultural background.

    Additionally, he has other characters that aid in building his brand. They are influential and contributing for the community.

    Each of these elements contributes to the Trump culture. However, I'd be remiss not to identify the most significant factor in Trump culture: the left.

    The most famous joke that exists between Democrat Party members and the left is that Trump isn't so popular in the event that they stopped talking as often about him once the election. The left's strategy during the midterms was to promote the idea that Trumpism is ruining the country and that they are the only ones who are able to fix it.

    They could also distribute an email at everyone Americans that reads “he truly injured us and is afraid of him” and encourage Republicans to show more support of the president.

    All of this is what makes Trump an official public figure, a figure of the public, and a subculture. It is winning battles politically as well as socially. Every victory gives new reasons to be a part of it.

    There's plenty of football to play till 2024. It's also difficult to forecast the political climate. Trump is still the top choice to be victorious in the Republican primary, as well as an election in general if he's as solid and sane as his own people.


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