Trump Vs. Pence for the Republican Nomination


    Mike Pence is coming for his former boss, as the relationship they once praised transforms into a rivalry in politics. Trump and Pence are day and night with their Republican agenda, so don't be expecting for a clear fight when they finally face off, and they will. Both are already collaborating in the process of flying towards Arizona for a duel rally at the exact same time. They'll then fly separately to D.C. where they'll also hold meetings that conflict simultaneously.

    The copycat moves provide another indication of the growing conflict between them as they each try to entice a few of the same political allies and investors to join their respective teams.

    Strategist for the Republican Party Scott Jennings gave his view of the current situation. “I believe this is part of the bigger message Pence is trying to communicate with this statement, which is his belief that the Republican Party should look to the future. This is the most important question facing members of the Republican Party: Are we going to take the views of a different kind than Donald Trump's? At the moment, the most prominent person to speak for the idea can be Mike Pence.”

    Pence has made a total change from his four-year stint within the White House shadows putting out fires and being like a spoiled dog to the master. The shift could have come out of the evident tracks on his forehead caused by the bus he fell under on January 6.

    In a remarkably limited way, Pence has turned blue in the face, explaining that it wasn't in his power to reverse the results of the election. In the meantime, he's shied away from the issue, his attention is on redefining the future of the Republican Party.

    Let the dual start, and what better place than the battleground state of Arizona in which Donald Trump recently endorsed Republican Governor candidate Kari Lake, who is a former newscaster. Did you know? Pence appeared and offered his support to her rival from the party who is in the race for the same spot, Karrin Taylor Robson.

    In a statement that announced his choice for governor, Pence said, “As Arizona Democrats pursue the reckless Biden-Harris agenda, Karrin Taylor Robson is the only candidate for Governor that will keep Arizona's border secure and streets safe, empower parents and create great schools, and promote conservative values.”

    In all likelihood, Pence is just a fly in the ointment of Trump and his trusted staff, who have refused to speak out about Mikey's petty nonsense.

    The trip to D.C. will be Trump's first trip back to the actual state or city since leaving his White House. Trump will host the two-day conference held by the America First Policy Institute.

    Pence has been chewing oil with conservatives from the Heritage Foundation prior to speaking at the annual National Conservative Student Conference hosted by the Young America Foundation.

    Because he was vice president, Pence continues to flaunt the amazing accomplishments that were made by the Trump administration, which he had nothing to do with. However, Pence's message for his fellow members of the Republican Party is to simply get over it.


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