Tudor Dixon (R) Declares “We Will Never Defund the Police,” Blasts Democrat Gov. Whitmer’s Stance on Police


    On Thursday, gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon (R) slammed Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) support for the Defund the Police movement during a debate in Michigan.

    “We know the governor came out and said she supports the spirit of defund the police, and we know that while we were all locked down, she went out and marched with folks who held up signs that said, ‘Defund the Police,'” Tudor said.

    She added:

    I’m actually endorsed by the largest police union in the state of Michigan, the police officer’s association of Michigan, and more than two dozen sheriffs, including Democrats, because they are so upset about the fact that the governor doesn’t support them.

    My plan will put a billion new dollars into policing to make sure they know they’re supported but also to recruit and retain new police officers. It’s so challenging to bring p0lice officers to a state where the chief executive officer has supported Defund the Police. We’re going to make sure that not only are they supported, they have the tools they need, they have the technology they need, and they have the mental health help they need.

    Whitmer told protesters in June of 2020 to wear masks and remain six feet apart, but she seemed to be in violation of her own rules not long after during the protest in Detroit over the murder of George Floyd, Breitbart News wrote.

    “She marched along as the closely packed large group chanted, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot,’ and ‘This is what democracy looks like,'” the outlet reported.

    The very same month, Whitmer said to the Root that she was in agreement with the “spirit” of defunding police but later clarified that she didn't, in fact, support it, as reported by Breitbart News.

    Dixon finished her comments by declaring that law enforcement officials “will always know that a Dixon administration has their back. We will never defund the police.”


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