Twitter IPO on the Horizon


    Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has reportedly been talking to private-equity firms about potential stakes in Twitter. This could ease the pressure on Musk to find the promised $21 billion in cash to purchase the company. The possibility that Apollo is looking into the purchase has several implications. It means that Musk must be confident that there is a solid plan to increase the revenue of Twitter. It could be easier than most people think. There's plenty of evidence showing that Twitter has been run to benefit its woke employees, not shareholders. The removal of self-serving wokesters could be a huge step towards increasing profits.

    It is also likely that Musk hopes to eventually sell the company back to the public market. Musk has previously stated that he would need to privatize the company in order to correct the problem and has never stated that it would be necessary for it to remain private. Private-equity firms that would like to exit the venture would need to be assured they receive an enticing return on the money they made available. A public offering could be the perfect solution. A Wall Street Journal report indicated that Musk stated to investors that he is planning to launch the Twitter IPO (initial public offering) within three years after buying the company, according to sources who have knowledge of the issue.


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