Two Men from Mizzou Charged in Heinous Hazing Accident


    On Friday, a grand jury from Boone County, Missouri, found guilty Ryan Patrick Delanty, age 20, as well as Thomas Andrew Shultz, age 21, in connection with the allegations of felony hazing on the 19 year old freshman Daniel Santulli, who has been left speechless, blind, and immobile as a consequence from his wounds.

    The duo was also charged with an infraction of providing alcohol to a minor or drunk person. Schultz is also facing a felony charge of tampering evidence.

    Parents of Daniel Santulli, Thomas and Mary Pat, have also filed a lawsuit against the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta, the proprietor of the home where the hazing took place, as well as 23 members of the fraternity. In the report by Fox News, all parties have reached a settlement outside of court, with the exception of two members.

    “It's the worst fraternity hazing injury ever in the United States,” Santulli's family lawyer, David Bianchi, told the St. Louis Dispatch. “We've been working on these cases for over 30 years. I'm aware of the laws surrounding the hazing. I've met the defense attorneys who defend fraternities. Everybody agrees that this is the most horrible thing that has ever happened.”

    According to the suit, the plaintiff suffered near-fatal injuries on the 19th of October, 2021 at the fraternity's “Pledge Dad Reveal Night.” Santulli was involved in the rush event that resulted in him being “sleep-deprived and stressed” to the point of crying. Within two days of the incident, Santulli's parents begged for him to stop the rush, when he began crying to his sister on the phone. In addition to other humiliating duties Santulli was ordered frequently “to clean the brothers' rooms and bring food, alcohol, and marijuana to them at all hours of the night,” the lawsuit claims. Santulli was also required to get into the trash container with broken glass. He was injured on his foot, which required stitches and required him to utilize crutches.

    “Danny, however, he was not a quitter and, like many others before him did not wish to be snubbed and mocked by the people were he trying to join. The defendants were aware of this and knew it before,” the lawsuit claims.

    In the evening that the incident occurred, the suit claims it was Thomas Andrew Shultz, the fraternity president, who drank alcohol used in a hazing ceremony for Santulli. According to Fox News:

    Delanty, the name of Santulli's pledge dad, gave him a large bottle of vodka, and asked the man to drink it all.

    Another brother from the fraternity, Alec Wetzler of St. Louis, was the one who poured beer through the funnel in Santulli's mouth.

    Santulli was thrown off a couch, having a blood alcohol concentration of .468 The lawsuit states that another party was witness to his declining condition, but did absolutely nothing. Santulli fell off the couch, and his face fell to the floor, his skin looking pale and his lips blue. They eventually took him to the hospital, where the medical team noticed that the man was breathing less and that his heart stopped. He was revived and put on a ventilator.

    Although Santulli eventually was capable of breathing on his own a few days later, in the lawsuit, it is claimed that Santulli remained “unresponsive, unaware of his surroundings, unable to communicate and had a significant injury to his brain.”

    Santulli's condition hasn't changed since the incident.

    The University of Missouri-Columbia said in the May press release that Phi Gamma Delta fraternity chapter was taken off the roster.


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