TX Border Sheriff Claims Nothing Has Been Done to Secure Border


    On Monday's edition of FOX News Channel's “Your World,” Maverick County, TX Sheriff Tom Schmerber stated that he hasn't “seen anything that would stop this immigration problem coming through to the USA.” In addition, he said there's a “wave” of people coming through who “want to continue moving north. Therefore, they'll see the issue in the future. The wave is coming in northwestern North America.”

    Schmerber explained, “When it started, when I first noticed this issue I thought it could go on for two years. We're close to the one-year mark. It's looking into the 2nd year with this issue. Because I've never witnessed anything that could stop this issue of immigration getting into the USA. I was a Border Patrol officer. I retired from the Border Patrol and I have not seen anything similar to this. Sometimes I would observe something like each time it was time to change in the administration at the border in D.C. There were some issues and they would resolve the issue immediately. This isn't currently happening.”

    When the discussion moved to Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) busing people, Schmerber said, “Well I believe there are two ways of thinking. One is that Greg Abbott is doing this to make sure that people in the north can see the issue that we face in the south. It's true that -I can see that the northern states are extremely comfortable. They don't have problems. they don't think they're facing these issues in this country. But I want to inform the people that it's an ebb and flow. It's a wave…they would like to keep heading north. They will be able to soon see it. The waves are rising in the north. We hope that it's not too late to attempt to manage something.”


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