U.S. Men’s Soccer Team Pleads with Congress for Gun Control


    The letter is a reiteration of the talking points that were outlined by Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, and also asks congress when they'll pass laws to curb gun violence.

    “We are writing to join the millions of people around the country who are asking a simple question: When are we going to do something about gun violence in America?” the letter begins. “With legislation being considered in the coming days in the House and Senate, we implore you to stand with the majority of Americans who support stronger gun laws.”

    Since the U.S. men's soccer team includes players from Europe and other parts of the world that have lower shooting rates than that of the United States, the letter continues to complain about the fact that the team is frequently “asked how in a place like the United States there can be such horrific gun violence.”

    “We are also asked why the representatives of the people do nothing even though most Americans want them to take action,” the letter continued. “Those of us who play professionally abroad experience none of these things in our daily lives, yet we return home to a place where mass shootings are frighteningly common and the victims are often defenseless children.”

    Without defining specific policies, the letter also calls on the U.S. House Representatives along with U.S. Senators to take action “this week to address gun violence in America.”

    “In the next few days it is expected that in the coming days, U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on a variety of bills to deal with this important issue. Please make sure you vote “yes” on every bill currently being discussed,” the letter says.

    “Please stop choosing campaign contributions over kids' lives,” the report concludes. “Stop being led by the false notion that voting for gun reform legislation or refusing to even talk about it at all could result in you being removed from office. Instead, take the steps essential to stop the same thing from happening.”

    According to ESPN, the U.S. men's soccer team were wearing armbands to support gun control during their game against Uruguay over the weekend.


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