UK Police Looking Into Teacher for Claims About 9/11


    A teacher was sent to the police after saying that the terrorists of September 11th were Muslims.

    The teacher's comments were an attempt to tame Muslim students who had yelled at Khakan Qureshi, a guest speaker who was invited by the school to discuss his experiences as a Muslim who is also gay.

    Qureshi said that “hard-core” pupils at Wood Green Academy in Wednesbury in the West Midlands “kept on saying that you cannot be gay and Muslim, because that contradicts the Qur'an,” and were later threatened with death as reported by the Mail.

    The teacher at the school, where around half the students are Muslim because of the rapid shift in the demographics of the West Midlands, attempted to challenge them for Qureshi's treatment, but has been been targeted by Qureshi himself.

    “We live in a multi-cultural and welcoming nation. We're tolerant of all religions. Twenty-one years ago, a group of Muslims attacked buildings with airplanes to kill thousands. At that moment, people were able to stand up and say “No, we should not be able to condemn Muslims for the things that a few have done in the past,'” he argued. 

    “[W]e are a tolerant society, and that means we may not like some things that you say but you do have the right to say them,” he said.

    The teacher's contention that the idea that all Muslims shouldn't be held accountable for the extremist Islamic terrorist attack on September 11, made him the subject of a complaint made by “hundreds of pupils and parents” accusing him of connecting Muslims in the attacks in any way, according The Mail.

    “Why did he choose to use the term Muslims instead of terrorists? He's linked terrorism directly with Muslims as well as Islam,” the complaint ranted as if September 11th terrorists were actually Islamic extremists.

    “His tone is extremely aggressive and I struggle to understand how this is considered appropriate behavior,” it was said.

    The secret video of the comments made by the teacher, captured and distributed by students, has led to police being involved.

    In lieu of dismissing the incident as clearly not a criminal issue, West Midlands Police, famous for failing repeatedly to protect the victims of mainly Muslim gangs has stated that they are “working with the school and looking into the content of the videos.”


    They are also looking into the threats and abuse directed at Qureshi.


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