US Capitol Hosts Last WWII Medal of Honor Recipient


    In contrast to any other issue, the loss of a military member is a topic that can unite people from both parties. This is the last one to survive World War II, Medal of Honor recipient Hershel W. “Woody” Williams, and it draws the attention of all politicians in Washington.

    In the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer declaring the laying of his body in honor in the Capitol building, they took a moment to emphasize that the gesture is not only about Williams and his family, but also about all those who fought in WWII. The announcement was made on July 3. It's appropriate to have such a momentous occasion declared the day prior to Independence Day.

    Pelosi made her comments in her statement. Pelosi said “Woody Williams represented the very best of America and lived in a spirit that was a testament to honor, duty and determination. When Woody sits in awe under the Capitol Dome, it will be with a profound appreciation for his sacrifice that the Congress will pay tribute to this famous hero and all those patriots who fought for our country during World War II.”

    Although her comments about the current military and others that have served have been expressed with a certain amount of disdain and looking down at them, her comments seemed genuine. It's as if she realized that not all patriots are bad as the ones she wrote about in her memoir.

    Schumer's comments, like those of Pelosi, do not reflect the same tone his past statements have been delivered in. However, they certainly reflected his distinct NY feeling of American pride that has been absent from those who are a part of the left.

    “This is merely a small celebration of someone who has contributed as profoundly in the history of America like Woody and all of our brave soldiers who fought oppression and for our country during World War II. It was his courage in the field or his unwavering support to all families of veterans Woody has made the entire nation, and especially the West Virginians who he served with proud.”

    With the utmost dedication for the cause and to his troops, Williams' award of the MOH is well-deserved.

    With four riflemen supplying the cover fire, Williams fought alone for an entire four hours in Japanese trenches as well as pillboxes. Making charges, and then going back only to rearm and take explosives, Williams was the only one to clear a huge path for his fellow Marines and brought immense honor to the Corps.

    Woody Williams was far more than a hero. He was the best of the best generation and a role model for the future generations. Thanks, Woody Williams for your love and friendship, and for your long-term dedication for Veterans as well as Gold Star Families.

    People from both parties joining together in honor of this great man is something that we ought to be seeing more of on the right. Even if it's just a display to make their positions appear more appealing to other Americans, bringing people together to pay tribute to a great man such as this Marine is an excellent method to establish the basis for future bipartisan cooperation.

    As he is able to take his place in the Capitol to be laid to rest in the honor of his father, it is also an occasion to pay tribute to his legacy. This is not done by reviving the fight rather by finding the common ground.

    In the event that his unit came under attack, Williams was willing to risk everything in order to help his Marines. He searched for difficult answers to stop the evil acts by the Japanese and to take Iwo Jima. With four other soldiers on his back, there was only what they could do with their guns, and the rest of the task was up to Williams to complete.

    The same is true for us. We are currently engaged in a similar struggle with the left. Since a lot of Americans find themselves unable to confront this new kind of activism and wokeness, we must remain united and determined to fight our enemies and fight for what is best for everyone Americans.

    Four men are there watching our backs while we fight for victory. All we need is to make use of them.


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