USCC President Apologetic About Photo She Took Showing Two White Women Wearing Native American Headdresses


    U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) President Suzanne Clarke sent an email to her employees, posted via Ryan Grim of The Intercept, in which she explained the “momentary lapses in judgement (sic)” during a recent trip in which she took a photograph of two white women sporting Native American headdresses. The Democrat-backed Chamber president said she was “deeply sorry” for her “mistake,” since headdresses “hold deep meaning for Native Americans.”

    This Thursday, Breitbart News was the first to publish the report, which revealed the photo Clarke had shared on her personal Instagram account. The picture was later released by Grim.

    All of this comes following Disney’s apology for the inclusion of a Native American dance routine performed by a drill group at its Florida theme park after the Cherokee Nation denounced the performance.

    Forbes reported last week:

    The drill team of the Port Neches Groves High School in Port Neches, Texas–also known as the “Indianettes”–drew anger over their performances in Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World this week. The performance included members of the drill team who were criticized for perpetuating stereotypes about race in the faces of Native Americans while chanting, “Scalp 'em, Indians, scalp 'em.”

    In response to a post on social media about this routine, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. condemned the show, saying it was a “stereotypical” depiction of the tribe. “School leaders need educating on cultural appropriateness, should apologize for continuing to ignore our requests to stop, and need to make swift changes to correct these offensive displays across their school district,” the nation stated.

    Disney spokesperson Jacquee Wahler said that the show “did not reflect our core values, and we regret it took place,” explaining that the performance was “not consistent with the audition tape the school provided.”


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