Vegal Police Tell People To Avoid Area Plagued by Crime


    The alert that was posted on LVMPD's LVMPD Northeast Area Command Facebook account early on Friday, urged residents not to gather in the desert near an intersection between Lake Mead Boulevard and Arnona Road.

    “There has been an uptick in violent events at this location, particularly at night,” police said. “We have had reports of illegal shootings, robberies, and other crimes.”

    “Our station is aware of the appeal this area attracts and we will be conducting extra patrol,” police added. “Keep yourself safe and find other places to hang out!”

    In August the region’s ZIP code revealed 72 people being targeted for crimes according to statistics from the police through The Las Vegas Review-Journal. The LVMPD classified crimes against people as homicides, sexual offenses, and assaults.

    The majority of the crimes that occurred in the region were deemed as assaults.

    The increase in crime rates in the desert region has been noted by a few residents, and puts them on edge, FOX 5 reported.

    “Really unsafe. Particularly in my region, it's not secure,” said Stephanie Ayala, a homeowner who relocated to the area in 2012, has noticed that it has been less secure since the time she moved there.

    Ayala was also adamant that her car was taken during the night.

    “Our truck got stolen not too long ago,” she explained. “So, it does get crazy up here.”

    Another local resident stated that while she hasn't seen an increase in crimes, her son has heard shots in the area.

    “My son said, ‘Mom I don't like it here anymore,'” resident Luz Lopez said to the Review Journal. “He heard some shooting, some cars driving very fast and the people in the desert smoking marijuana.”

    Others claim that nothing unusual has occurred in the area.

    “This street here is really quiet,” said Robert Zinskey, an 84-year-old resident. “I love this street.”

    While some may not be seeing a rise in crime, the police continue to warn people in light of what they believe has been an increased number of criminal activity.

    “Individuals are going over there and they're drinking and shooting,” an LVMPD spokesperson informed News 3 Las Vegas. “There were people up there , and one was taken away by another person with a gun. Unfortunately, there aren't any cameras on the premises.”


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