VIDEO: Apparent Road Rage Incident in New Jersey Leads to Serious Wreck


    The shocking video, captured by YouTube user Racerwong.Shooterwong, shows a Honda Accord tailgating an SUV in the right lane of a two-lane stretch on the Palisades Parkway. The driver of the Accord then switches to the left lane and follows closely behind a white Ford Raptor.

    Warning: The video below contains explicit language:

    The Raptor and the Accord pass the SUV, at which point the Accord driver starts to pull back into the right lane before apparently seeing a car and deciding to stay in the left lane. The parkway then briefly opens up to three lanes as the drivers pass an on-ramp. Suddenly, the Honda whips over two lanes and begins to speed past another SUV in the middle lane. Simultaneously, the Ford Raptor seems to increase speed in the fast lane.

    As the third lane on-ramp begins to end, the driver starts tracking back to the far left lane, almost hitting a third SUV in the middle lane, before whacking into the Raptor, veering right, and losing control. It then smashes through a guard rail and makes impact with a cliffside. The Honda is then launched airborne before it lands upside down.

    The YouTube user informed Palisades Parkway Police of the incident, according to DailyMail. He told the outlet that police confirmed to him that the erratic driver was “okay,” adding he did not know if either driver would face charges for the apparent road rage incident.

    KTRK advises drivers to let tailgaters pass them and not to engage aggressive drivers.


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