W.H. Nomination Adviser Doug Jones: Questions About Jackson’s Views Regarding Racism as well as Kids and Sex-Offender Laws Are “Political”


    On Tuesday's CNN broadcast Don Lemon Tonight, the White House nomination adviser for legislative affairs, Doug Jones, who is helping to guide Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination through the Senate-confirmation process, responded to questions regarding Jackson's views regarding sex-offender laws and racism , saying “a majority of these are political issues. You've seen them before, and they're issues that will be addressed in tweets, and they're likely [to] appear in policy statements that will be used by campaigns.”

    After listening to a broad spectrum of Senate Judiciary Committee members questioning Jackson on whether she believes that laws against sexual offenders are excessively strict and if she feels that children have a racist past, Jones stated, “I thought she handled it extremely well, Don. Look, a lot of these are political questions. You've seen these before, and those are questions that are going to end up in tweets, they're going to end up in policy statements for a campaign. But the fact of the matter is, there are so many good things that came out of this today. You can cherry-pick anything, but what came out so strong was a 10-year record as a judge, clerking for three different judges in the federal court system, a Democratic district judge, a Republican court of appeals judge, and a Democratic Supreme Court justice. What came through was her work on the Sentencing Commission, that was unanimous–with conservative commissioners working with her and they had unanimous decisions on that. What came through was her ability to really think through and answer the questions and making sure people understood her approach to judging, and I think that that's the critical component of this.”

    Jackson's background and record have been “fair game. What's not fair game is when you just kind of cherry-pick things out and mislead,” according to Doug Jones.


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