WATCH: Palestinian Mob Tries to Lynch Israeli Driver; Rescued by Policeman


    The driver lost control of his car as he attempted to escape, and hit some of the stone-throwers, as well as a stone barrier on the sidewalk.

    A lone policeman chased away the mob by firing into the air.

    An Israeli police officer protects a Jewish driver who was attacked by Palestinian protesters near Jerusalem's Old City, Monday, May 10, 2021. Israeli police clashed with Palestinian protesters at a flashpoint Jerusalem holy site on Monday, the latest in a series of confrontations that is pushing the contested city to the brink of eruption. Palestinian medics said at least 180 Palestinians were hurt in the violence at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, including 80 who were hospitalized. (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg)

    The pro-Palestinian Islam Channel portrayed the Israeli driver as the aggressor, leaving out the stone-throwing attack:

    The Jerusalem Post reported:

    An injured Jewish driver lost control of his car and swerved onto a sidewalk after he was pelted with rocks by Arab rioters during a violent protest outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City on Monday morning.

    Israel Police said that stone throwers attacked the car that was travelling on Jericho Road and that as a result, the driver lost control of his vehicle and veered off the road, hitting several people.

    After the car stopped, more stone throwers approached it and they continued to pelt it, opening the doors in an attempt to attack the driver and another male passenger.

    A police officer arrived at the scene moments after the car swerved onto the sidewalk and he fired warning shots into the air to disperse the mob as they tried to get to the car's occupants.

    Later Monday evening, Israel's Iron Dome system destroyed several Palestinian rockets as a barrage was fired from Gaza.

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