West Hollywood Votes to Eliminate 4 Cops, Replace with Unarmed Ambassadors


    The predominantly Democratic city which had a mayor who once tried to prohibit Donald Trump from speaking there, and who celebrated porn actress Stormy Daniels by awarding her the keys to the city in her fight against Trump and his administration, has seen crime increase by 137% over the course of a year.

    However, NBC Los Angeles reported that the city council approved a 3-2 vote to reduce police budgets in deference to the “Black Lives Matter” movement:

    The council's vote on changing the city's budget on Monday, was only approved in a narrow manner. It was not supported by West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister who has been a vocal critic of cutting down on the Sheriff's presence within the city.

    The change will result in WeHo with four less patrolling Sheriff's Deputies. Two deputies will be gone in the next six months, and the remaining two will be eliminated within six months following that.

    The budget changes the money from the four deputy police officers into Block by Block, which employs blue-shirted, unarmed security guards, and provides the city with additional police and security services.

    In 2020, Seattle's mayor was also against the city council's plans to cut police, but was unable to stop the council from taking action.

    A year later, and in the midst of protests over crime that was causing San Francisco voters to recall their district attorney, and may have Los Angeles County do the same, the West Hollywood city council stuck to their 2020 promises and cut funds for police.

    In the meantime, according to the UK Daily Mail notes, the council is increasing funding for other expenditures like the Russian festival of culture that is going to omit “Russian” from the title because of outrage about Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, as well as Pride flags at crosswalks which have been updated to reflect the colours of the transgender community and the Black Lives Matter protest movement.


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