West Texas Seeing a Decided Uptick in Migrant Arrivals Since Title 42’s Finale Announced


    After 250 migrants showed up in one hour at a town in West Texas, Border Patrol agents took the majority of the adult males into custody and began the process of collecting basic biographical information as well as inventories of personal belongings. A number of Border Patrol trucks brought more people to a road that ran along the riverbank. There were also women carrying babies and children.

    According to a Customs and Border Protection source, the flow of people to the south of the West Texas town has increased steadily since the announcement of the termination of the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) emergency public-health Title 42 expulsion order. The CDC announced on April 1 that the emergency rule will expire on May 23. As news of the program's sunset is released to various sources, the number of migrants crossing over the border will likely continue to increase.

    Reports state that daily arrests range from 6,000 to 8,000 migrants each day across the southwest border–a number that could easily triple. Even at the current rate, Border Patrol facilities are overcrowded.

    The recent increase in the number of migrants has led to fewer regular field patrols. Processing, transporting, and providing medical assistance to the massive migrant populations have strained Border Patrol personnel to the point where, on certain days, only transport vans are operating in certain regions. When field patrols are not conducted or reduced, the majority of the responsibility for security at the border falls on local and state law-enforcement agencies or National Guard troops, such as the Texas Army National Guard.


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