WH Regarding if NATO Members Have Fulfilled Ukraine Commitments: “Every Nation is Contributing What It Can’


    On Newsmax TV’s “The Record” Wednesday, White House NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby answered a question about the extent to which NATO members have fulfilled their obligations to aid Ukraine in its war with Russia by saying that “Every nation is contributing what they can.”

    Host Greta Van Susteren said, “So, has everybody in NATO that has said that they would do whatever their commitment was to this war, have they met that commitment? Has Germany met its commitment?”

    Kirby replied, “Every nation is contributing what they can. That’s one of the very important things about this Ukraine contact group. It’s not just about NATO, literally, there are nations from the Indo-Pacific region that attend these meetings, and we understand that these are sovereign decisions that every nation has to make. And nations have been increasing their contributions over time and changing and evolving what they’re willing to provide Ukraine, based on the battlefield conditions and what Ukraine is facing. And it’s been very interesting to watch and that process continues. It even continues for us, Greta. I mean, the capabilities we’re providing Ukraine have evolved now, over time, as the situation on the battlefield has changed. So, these are — we respect that these are sovereign decisions. We know that these countries have to make these decisions, not only in terms of what their commitment to Ukraine is, but also their commitment to their own national security and making sure they can still protect themselves and their citizens. So, again, it’s an ongoing process. Every nation contributes what they can and we’re grateful for that.”


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