Entire sports world reacts to 7-time Superbowl Champ Tom Brady’s Unretirement


    He apparently completed those tasks.

    Aaron Rodgers, the greatest quarterback of all time, shocked the sports world on Sunday when he announced that he would not retire and join the Bucs for the 2022 season.

    Brady posted on Twitter, “These past two weeks I've realized that my place is still in the field and not on the stands.” It will be there. It's not here yet. I love my team, and my family. They make it possible. I'm returning for my 23rd season here in Tampa. LFG, unfinished business

    This news sparked a flood of Twitter reactions and a lot of speculation as to what could have caused Brady to consider unretirement.

    In his unretirement statement, Brady mentioned his “unfinished work”. I'm not sure why someone who has won seven Super Bowls would want to leave unfinished business. It's pretty certain that the 31 teams Brady will not be playing for this season are finished.

    The Tom Brady series was renewed for a 23rd consecutive year. Enjoy.


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