White House Introduces Kamala Harris at Infrastructure Signing Ceremony: ‘Please Welcome Heather Kurtenbach’


    Harris exited the White House with Biden on one side and ironworkers union organizer Heather Kurtenbach on the other as the president prepared to sign his $1.3 trillion infrastructure bill.

    But after Harris took the podium, the White House announcer said, “Please welcome Heather Kurtenbach.”

    “Not yet,” Harris said, laughing awkwardly as she began her remarks.

    Curiously, Harris was not chosen to introduce the president, as the White House selected Kurtenbach to do the honors.

    The moment was one more example of how the Biden White House and Harris have an awkward relationship, after CNN reported Sunday multiple struggles between the two leaders.

    Biden also began the ceremony joking that Harris's husband, Doug Emhoff, is Jill Biden's “second husband” after stumbling over his rhetoric while introducing the second gentleman.

    “No. I'm joking. These guys travel all over the country together. I'm getting worried, you know?” he continued.

    Even during the ceremony, Biden nearly signed the infrastructure bill without her, as she struggled to push her way to the front of the group for the moment.

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted Monday that Harris was a “key partner,” a “bold leader,” and a “valuable member of the team.”

    “The president relies on the vice president for her advice and her council,” she said during the White House press briefing.


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