White House says Americans should Remember that Gas Prices are Higher in other Countries


    White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reacted to questions on price hikes for gas during the daily briefing, noting that she thought it was “really important” that people knew that prices were higher around the world.

    She also noted that prices for gas for the European Union were $8.15 a gallon. In Germany they were $8.88 per gallon, and the prices for Canada were $6.23 per gallon.

    “This is a global challenge, this is something that everyone is feeling across the globe,” she added, that the cost of gas has risen in the wake of Russian Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine.

    Prices for gas within the United States soared to a record on Monday, for the ninth time in a row.

    Jean-Pierre acknowledged that inflation, food costs, and the price of gas are “hurting families especially as they sit around their kitchen table.”

    Jean-Pierre once again claimed that Biden's multi-trillion-dollar American Rescue Plan had put the American economy in a better position to face tough issues such as inflation.

    “The president met that moment … really putting us in the place where we look today in a much stronger economic situation where we can actually deal with inflation head-on,” she added.

    There is a discussion to tackle the issue of rising gas prices, but she added she didn't know what actions the president might do to lower the cost of gas.

    “I don't have anything to preview,” she stated.


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