Why Biden’s dream of zero emissions will never come true


    Environmentalism and conservation are based on the principle that renewable energy should sustain and not harm the earth. Natural resources are the largest source of energy in the world. These are natural resources, which include oil, natural gas and coal. They can also be used to produce energy for humans. Joe, the ignorant Biden, suggested that America should move away from natural resources and embrace renewable energy sources sooner rather than later.

    Although the idea is sound, the old man could care less about the environment. To keep the idea alive, he wants to make sure people continue to discuss the topic. This will allow his crazy supporters to believe he cares about the environment and makes it a better place.

    Biden and the Democrats want to see the battery-powered car replace the gasoline model. They talk about how clean and easy the car would run. They don't go into details about how this energy is generated.

    Since the technology is decades behind clean and renewable energies, solar power, hydroelectricity and wind power are not sustainable options. America remains heavily dependent upon natural resources. Biden doesn't say whether the electricity used to charge these cars was generated from natural gas or coal power plants. Because he doesn't care, he never addresses the possibility of creating alternative energy plants.

    To make Biden's electric utopia a reality, he must build new power plants strong enough to replace the ones that exist. Natural gas and coal plants will be replaced by solar and wind farms. The problem is that renewable energy sources cannot handle the entire electric load.

    Biden also doesn't talk about how batteries are made. It takes a lot of energy to make car batteries. All of the energy and materials required to produce the batteries for electric cars were produced in plants that utilize natural energy sources. To bring about his liberal utopia, the old man would need to ensure that all materials used in making electric cars are renewable.

    Many elements needed for battery production must be extracted from the ground. Diesel and natural gas are the main fuels used to extract minerals from the ground. Then there's the question of how the elements are extracted from the ground. Chinese-owned companies do lithium mining. However, they aren't as friendly to the Earth as environmentalists would prefer. The company is involved in strip mining, which damages natural landscapes.

    There are also stories of people dying in other parts of the world. Some countries have such terrible mining that people are willing to lose their lives so that an electric car can be produced and driven. Biden doesn't talk about the terrible cost of electric cars. Biden assures everyone that there will be cleaner air.

    Biden's dream to create a nation of renewable energy is a pipe dream. It will cost everything to achieve such a feat. It is not worth the effort to build new power plants, farms, mine the materials or convince the rest of the globe to do the same.

    Biden doesn't talk about recycling old car batteries after they have worn out. Car batteries are not compatible with the current recycling methods. China is the only country that can effectively recycle car batteries. However, the shipping costs to transport the batteries across oceans and the risk of losing them at sea are not worth it.


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