Why Do Dems Suddenly Want More Border Security?


    The Southern Border has turned into an unspoken, silent nightmare for everyone living near it. The media has refused to discuss the ever-growing problems that Joe Biden has caused. President Biden and his administration aren't willing to admit there's even an emergency. With the midterm elections looming ever closer, the border has turned into an issue for Democrats since they've discovered that they've got some things they must use to influence voters.

    Democrats recognize that their time is over. They have not done what they intended to do. They have savaged the population of America by imposing pointless orders and lockdowns to ensure they can gain power. These things have upset the voters to the point where they are now ready to remove them all from office.

    Biden recognizes that the whole thing begins with him. He needs to alter his ways of thinking to ensure that he stays alive for the remainder of this year. With the current political climate focused on the campaign and elections, he would like to make his party appear to be creating a positive impact for Americans.

    Key Democrats are beginning to propose ideas to help alleviate the flooding of migrants in the south. Abigail Spanberger from Virginia and Elissa Slotkin have been attempting to get Border Agents hired. They believe that having more border security personnel will deter the tens of thousands of illegals who flood into the region each month.

    Republican governors have already increased the numbers of security guards at the border to keep pace with the influx of people. The only way to slow the stream of migrants is to make it impossible for them to have easy access to America.

    Ben Johnson, with The Daily Wire, stated, “Our southern border is still totally uncontrolled.” “The number of encounters at the border in February increased 63% compared to last year, which was the largest in U.S. history.”

    Joe Biden cut out all the rules and security measures Donald Trump placed at the border. These measures stopped the flow of immigrants. It was only after Biden, with the help of executive orders, was able to end those measures, that illegals began to move north. Johnson said that Border Agents were able to capture 165,000, but that's not as impressive as the 220,000 illegals who managed to escape capture and make it into the country.

    Johnson stated that “In all, ICE has reported 2.5 million border crossings during Biden's presidency. Of course, this includes an all-time record of 1.7 million illegal entry reports in 2021. The number of border crossings reached record levels in the last fiscal year, and the number of deportations dropped by 30% and are expected to be lower in the coming year.”

    Joe Biden and his Democratic Party removed ICE from the picture and prevented the agency from deporting anyone. As president, he's supposed to ensure the safety of the citizens and not force them to live a way of life that isn't in accordance with what is outlined in our Constitution. He has repeatedly opened the country to foreign invasions and has acted in a manner betraying his position.

    Biden's administration has orchestrated this southern border crisis. They want it to remain so that they can make use of the situation for their own benefit. All they need to do is to appear to be progressing, and people will forget the past problems and continue to throw their votes for liberal candidates who are not interested in helping Americans succeed.

    America should have secure borders. With the midterm elections getting closer, Democrats have begun to acknowledge that the concept of an open border could pose a significant risk for American security. However, the American public already recognizes the lies and doublespeak starting to emerge behind every phrase that the vile liberals say.

    The standard of conduct for members of the Democratic Party is to say something and then change their mind when the election is over. Joe Biden promised a lot of things when he was running for the presidency. However, when he entered office, he threw those promises in the garbage and then decided to ignore the people.


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