Will Packer, Oscar Producer, calls Slap by Will Smith a ‘Very Painful Moment’ After Initially Commenting ‘Welp…I said it wouldn’t be Boring’


    “Welp…I said it wouldn't be boring,” Packer tweeted on Sunday night, an indirect reference to the moment that Will Smith violently assaulted comedian Chris Rock during the internationally live-telecast event. One social media user accused Packer of laughing about an assault on Rock; Packer responded that the incident occurred “very painful” to witness.

    “Making jokes about an assault that happened during your show isn't the congratulatory message you think it is,” stated one user.

    “Black people have a defiant spirit of laughter when it comes to dealing with pain because there has been so much of it. I don't feel the need to elucidate that for you,” Packer said. “But I also don't mind being transparent and say that this was a very painful moment for me. On many levels.”

    The Academy Awards fell dead silent on Sunday night when Will Smith suddenly stormed the stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock for cracking a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair.

    “Keep my wife's name out your f*** mouth,” Will Smith shouted at a clearly shocked Rock, and then returned into his chair.

    Will Smith stayed for the remaining time and even took home the award for Best Actor, during which Smith seemed to apologize for his actions by commenting “love will make you do crazy things” and that he was portraying the character of Richard Williams by defending his family.

    Smith was spotted at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty and partied hard.

    On Monday, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) condemned the actor's actions as did the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG), and Will Smith issued an apology on Instagram.

    At the time of this writing, Chris Rock has not publicly made any comments on the incident. He was said to be in contact with his publicist following the incident that took place on Sunday.

    “Rock's manager, Jason Weinberg, sat stunned, and then was asked to go speak with the Los Angeles Police Department,” reported The Hollywood Reporter(THR). “Rock ultimately declined to press charges against Smith.”


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