Youngkin Defends Trans Policies


    Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) said Sunday on CNN's “State of the Union” that his policies will be in line with parents' desire for transgender children to utilize the bathroom and use the pronouns they prefer.

    Anchor Jake Tapper said, “The American Academy of Pediatrics says these types of laws concerning bathrooms and people being excluded who are gender non-conforming and gender identity. American Academy of Pediatrics say these laws may cause anxiety, depression, and suicide in transgender teenagers. Did you speak to transgender people?”

    Youngkin stated, “We've had interaction across the administration. But what we're not saying is there's no room for accommodation. We're saying that parents must take part in the process. If a child, and their parent, as well as teachers and administrators, decide to provide accommodations for the child, accommodations will be provided. This is a topic I always come back to. I'd suggest that people go through the guidelines.”

    Tapper stated “I have read the policy. It seems like you're exclusioning parents who might be happy for their child to go to the toilet or join a sports team compatible with their gender and gender.”

    Youngkin stated, “Certainly not. If parents really wish for their child to change the pronoun in their names, they can use whatever bathroom, and in the event that parents decide to do so legally, it's when schools will take action. Concerning sports teams it's a different matter. I think it's unjust to watch biological boys play in sports alongside biological girls. There are sports that have gender-segregated teams and these sports should be respected. There are some sports that are not separated, and where both genders can participate at the same time. I believe that we should also respect girls in this case. Our policies were created to protect the dignity of every child as well as their safety and privacy. We're in a 30 day comment period, and we're about to finish these. I'm expecting schools to adopt the same guidelines.”


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