“YouTube Alternative” Vimeo Bans Fake News and Conspiracy Theories


    The terms of the video-sharing platform were previously quite restrictive. They banned any content that contained hateful or discriminatory speech, supported hate groups, contained false information about vaccination safety, misleading information about voting, or “contains conspiratorial content where the conspiracy theory makes claims that… suggest that no real-world tragedy occurred.”

    Vimeo's new terms and services include “false information (including deep fakes or propaganda or unproven conspiracy theories) that poses a serious threat to the safety of a person, group or the general public.”

    Vimeo attracted attention, along with the free-speech-friendly video platforms Odysee and Rumble, for hosting Ukraine On Fire, a documentary starring Oliver Stone that examines the United States' involvement in Ukraine over the past decade.

    YouTube imposed a ban on the documentary for “graphic content” last week, despite it being available on Google's platform for six years.

    Many companies, which had previously been marketed as alternatives to Big Tech companies such as YouTube now engage in the same censorship strategies used by the biggest tech giants. DuckDuckGo is a popular alternative to Google Search. It announced last week that it will down-rank sites it deems “associated with disinformation.”


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